Looking to end a war

POSTED ON 2009-04-16
  by Brian Johnson

For years they have been fighting with no end in sight.

A group of unreached Bena Bena people in Papua New Guinea have been unable to end their long and bloody feud with another group.

But something is changing. The Bena Bena believers have been asking God where they should go to share the Gospel.

"They are really getting excited about the prospect of going to another village to teach," missionary David Lee wrote. "They discussed different places that they could go but they had no clear direction."

Then this week one of the believers was talking about their outreach plans with a man from one of the warring groups. The man went and told one of his leaders. A message was soon sent from the leader to the believers to ask for teaching for his group.

"They said that the prolonged fighting has messed up their thinking and now they were like the pigs and the dogs without good thinking," David wrote. "They would be very glad for us to come and teach them."

Pray for the missionaries and the Bena Bena believers as they prepare to teach this group. Please pray also for an end to the fighting, and for the warring group to understand and believe.

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