Faith clashes with works

POSTED ON 2009-05-05
  by Dena McMaster

The Patpatar believers in Papua New Guinea, though young in the faith, are staying true to their decision to follow Christ even in the face of persecution.

One of the local groups has forbidden any of their members from listening to the teaching or attending the celebratory feast next week. The group teaches that salvation must be earned by good works.

Since many had become members of that religious faction, the believers are facing exclusion and rejection when they make public their belief that salvation comes by faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross and not through any works we might do.

Last week missionaries Butch and Tammy Kunzer and Aaron and Lori Luse presented the death, burial and resurrection of Christ to yet another group of Patpatar people. When the missionaries finished teaching through the evangelistic Bible lessons five Patpatars gave clear testimony that they are trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

The new believers will likely also face persecution from those who adhere to the belief that only by good works can we please God. Pray that they see the truth. Pray too that the Patpatar believers will continue to stand strong in their faith and will share their testimonies with their families and friends.

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