Both feet in

POSTED ON 2009-05-12
  by Caroline Schumacher

After hearing God's Word, the Patpatar people responded in different ways.

A majority remained silent while a few chose to voice their beliefs that additional acts are required for salvation. Those who chose to believe in Jesus as their Savior voiced their convictions about the importance of belief.

When asked what he believed, one man responded by saying "I am believing in Jesus alone, that He died and rose again for me. He is the road to God. He has placed me in God's clan."

A religious leader shared how God's message became clear to him.

"Before, and all the way up to today, I have had one foot standing on Jesus' death and one foot standing on all my good deeds," he said. "Now it is clear to me though, that I am a sinner and my good deeds are not able to get me to God. That is why He sent Jesus. Jesus came to pay for all my sins on the cross. I am trusting in Him. Today I have both feet in what Jesus has done on my behalf."

Another Patpatar said, "Over and over God's Talk says believe. Belief is what I am doing now in God's Son who took my place. That is all my talk."

It is encouraging that these believers have come so far already in their walk. Please pray for their continual spiritual growth. Pray for clarity so that those still struggling with their belief will come to fully believe God's Word. Pray that they can place both feet in what Jesus has done for them.

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