Hear God's Word

POSTED ON 2009-05-20
  by Christina Johnson

Missionary Mike Mikolavich is preparing to visit the Uriay and Abau tribes in Papua New Guinea.

As a church planting and cultivating consultant for NTM, Mike will help missionaries Elias Struik and Lisa Kappeler with understanding principles and strategies.

Right now, Elias and Lisa are working on preparing chronological Bible lessons and translations. In a few months, the Uriays will be able to hear God's Word in their own language.

After meeting with the missionaries in the Uriay tribe, Mike will visit with those working with the Abaus. A church has already been established in the village.

"We'll evaluate the maturity of the church using the mature church model and discuss principles and strategy for moving forward," Mike wrote.

Please pray for the evaluations and planning that Mike will be doing with the missionaries in these tribes. Also pray for the Uriays as they prepare to hear God's Word for the first time. Pray as well for the Abaus who are working towards growing in their faith.

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