Kuman translation checked

POSTED ON 2009-06-05
  by Christina Johnson

Missionaries Ken and Kim White have been hard at work getting what they've translated into the Kuman language, checked for accuracy.

The Whites were thankful for the help they received from two Kuman women, Josepha and Waugla.

"The check went well and we were so encouraged with how well they did," Kim wrote. "Ken also spent time on the other side of the table of translation when he checked the book of Luke for a fellow translator. That also went very well."

Now that they have Titus, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and Galatians checked, they're eager to go back to their village.

This summer, Ken and Kim will be trying to get Revelation ready for checking. They are, however, concerned with when it will be checked since there's a shortage of trained comprehension checkers in Papua New Guinea.

"Dave, who checked Galatians for us, came all the way from his stateside ministry to check for us and several translators this summer," Kim wrote. "His coming was an answer to many prayers."

Please pray that the Whites, with fellow missionaries Will and Kelly Tallman, will be able to continue their translations and teaching literacy classes without too many disruptions. Also pray that they will have a translation checker once they've finished Revelation.

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