Abau woman rejects witchdoctor

POSTED ON 2009-06-08
  by Caroline Schumacher

Kalesia, a Abau woman, had an important decision to make. Painful cramps coursed through her stomach, leaving her with a loss of appetite and overall weakness. People made comments about her pale face and thin frame.

One day, a witchdoctor, who many believe has magical powers, came by her house and offered to cure her. Kalesia had heard stories about his supposed healing powers. But a voice in the back of her mind asked, "who really has the power to heal? In whose hand are you?"

Kalesia declined the witchdoctor's offer to pull out the "spears" of the spirits that he believed were causing her sickness.

"No, thank you. I don't need your help," Kalesia told him. "I trust that my life and health are in God's hand. He is the one that can make me better. And even while I'm sick and feeling terrible, I sense His presence with me. He loves me."

"Then I will see you when your pain has become worse," the witchdoctor replied.

Since giving her testimony of her faith in God to the witchdoctor, Kalesia has been cured of her physical ailments. She praises God for healing her and gives Him the full glory.

Praise God that Kalesia was able to stand strong in her faith during her illness. Pray for wisdom for the Abaus as they choose between the beliefs of their ancestors and what they have learned about God's Word.

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