Patpatars reach out

POSTED ON 2009-06-09
  by Caroline Schumacher

Missionaries in Papua New Guinea have been teaching Bible lessons in a nearby village with the help of Patpatar believers.

Aaron Luse and Butch Kunzer realized that drama was a very effective way of helping the Patpatar people apply what they were hearing about God to their own lives while teaching their village. They have been able to utilize the effect of drama by enlisting believers from their village to help out with the skits. The believers also ask review questions at the beginning of each class.

Attendance during the 70 lessons that were taught averaged 40-50 people per lesson. But only half of those numbers were people who came consistently to every meeting.

The missionaries have noted a difference between this village and their own. This Patpatar group is not as comfortable being vocal about how the teaching is affecting their lives.

The missionaries have had to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the people to ensure that they understand salvation through Jesus alone and that it can't be earned, which is a foreign concept for them.

Missionary Madonna Yates decided to have a sewing class to encourage the ladies to attend the lessons and help them to understand what they found confusing. It also provided the opportunity to form friendships while sewing skirts and children's shorts.

"It is a slow process going from person to person, and not everyone is ready to share, nor is it always the right time to speak about the matters relating to faith," Madonna Yates wrote. "All I know is it's God who does the work of transforming lives. We just need to be ready to give an answer for the hope we have in Christ."

Please pray that this Patpatar village will fully understand Salvation through Christ. Pray that the missionaries and Patpatar believers will be an example and a resource for them.

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