A picture of new life

POSTED ON 2009-06-18
  by Caroline Schumacher

Missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster are excited to see God working in the lives of the Bena Bena people.

Several Bena believers have expressed interest in baptism, and the Fosters will have the first baptism for the believers in the coming weeks.

"We have purposefully gone slow in having a baptism because of all the misunderstandings and wrong teachings regarding baptism that permeate our area," Dawn wrote.

"It is with a whole new understanding that the Bena believers realize that baptism is a picture of our new life in Christ and is a testimony to those around us that we now have life in Him and that the only stipulation for baptism is belief in the finished work of Christ," Dawn wrote.

Heti, one of the believers to be baptized, is also Rich’s translation co-worker.

"Several times over the past months, Heti [would] break down in tears over something that God was teaching him, or over a fresh realization of what God has done for him," Dawn wrote. "It is amazing to see his heart become so soft as he was a very hardened man before salvation."

Another believer, Efeke, said she wants to get baptized despite the hardships she has faced due to her belief. Her husband, who has chosen not to believe, did not want her to attend the teaching. As a result, she missed the teaching for a while but Efeke has come back to attend faithfully. Efeke is almost done with her literacy course and is overjoyed with her new ability to read.

Please pray that the Bena Bena believers will fully understand that faith in Christ alone is the only requirement for baptism. Pray that they will grow in their faith and be an example to those who have chosen not to believe.

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