Workshop helps Tobo believers

POSTED ON 2009-07-15
  by Dena McMaster

Two Tobo believers, Ambox and Welsen, were encouraged by their recent experiences at a translation workshop held in Papua New Guinea.

"Do you think God’s Word has come to us through an easy road or a through a hard road?" Welsen asked at a believers’ meeting. When no one responded, he continued, "God’s Word has come to us through a hard road and now after hundreds of years God has used these missionaries to bring His message to us into our language so we can understand it."

He gave examples using the stories of Martin Luther and William Tyndale and explained that they too were persecuted for translating God’s Word. Welsen then encouraged the believers not to lose heart in the face of persecution from friends and family because God has used persecution to further the spread of His Word.

One of the older Tobo ladies responded with praise and thanks to God. "Thank You, God, for blessing us with Your Word," she said.

Ambox came down with malaria during the trip and has been sick for almost a month despite receiving malaria medication. Missionary Jason Williamson, who attended the workshop with the two men, visited Ambox during his illness and told him how sorry he was that Amobx was suffering with malaria.

"We went to do God’s work and it’s OK that I got sick. Even if I die, it would be OK because that’s God’s plan," Ambox replied.

Pray that God will restore Ambox to health and that he will be strong enough to continue to help translate God’s Word in the Tobo language. Pray too for Welsen as he uses the principles he learned during the workshop to help the Tobo believers understand the translated Scriptures.

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