Lamogais will soon have Old Testament portions

POSTED ON 2009-07-17
  by Dena McMaster

Soon Lamogai believers in Papua New Guinea will have Old Testament Scripture portions in their hands.

The ten-year project is drawing to a close as missionaries Rory Fuller and Doug Lotz co-ordinate the final proofreading process.

Rory and his wife, Mary, ministered among the Lamogai for many years and were part of the missionary team who translated the Scriptures and taught evangelistic Bible lessons to the Lamogais. Doug is the translation printer coordinator at the NTM-USA Home Office in Sanford, Florida.

The last phase of preparing the Old Testament portions for publication is a multi-step process involving several people.

Rory sent the text for 3,000 verses -- the books of Genesis and Exodus and 233 other verses -- to Doug who imported them into a computer program. Then two proofreaders painstakingly read every word, in a language they don’t understand, searching for punctuation or formatting errors.

Rory recently arrived in Florida to check over the hard copy. He is one of the few who could check the text for accuracy. He corrected everything the proofreaders found and a few text errors that he found and Doug printed out yet another copy to give back to the proofreaders.

"At present, all the text has gone through the two stages and we have one more to go," wrote Rory. "It has been very steady for me as I’ve read through all 3,000 verses twice in the last four days! But each time I get the copy back there are fewer yellow sticky notes."

Three thousand Old Testament Scripture portions will soon be printed, packed, put into a container and on their way to bless and encourage Lamogai believers.

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