Watching growth

POSTED ON 2009-07-22
  by Christina Johnson

Working for God’s glory goes beyond sharing His Word.

Missionaries Mike and Sandy Mikolavich realize how much God grows them in His grace and in their knowledge of Christ through their ministry.

Part of that growth is happening as Mike and Sandy prepare to visit the Wusuraambya tribe in Papua New Guinea. For five days and nights, they’ll work with Andrew and Cathy Goud, as well as several other missionaries, by evaluating the Wusuraambya church’s maturity.

“This helps us to be able to see what Christ is doing as He builds His church and thus thank and praise Him for His awesome work,” Mike wrote.

Mike and Sandy will also assess how the churches are doing in relationship to God’s Word and how they are applying His Truth to their everyday lives.

“This helps us to know what areas to work on more … and what areas are of particular concern,” Mike wrote.

Mike and Sandy will also be spending time with the believers in the hopes of encouraging, comforting and affirming them.

“We will also spend more intentional times, asking questions to discover how folks are doing in relationship to God and His Word,” Mike wrote.

Mike and Sandy ask for prayer for wisdom as they spend time with the missionaries and Wusuraambya believers. They desire to be a blessing to the churches and that through their work, they will also learn more about God and His grace.

“We must all continue to grow in maturity – that’s what His desire is for every one of us. It’s dangerous to ever get to a point in our lives and ministries when we ‘plateau,’ when we think we have arrived and [that] it’s our mission to help everyone else get ‘straightened out,’” Mike wrote. “Man, I never want to get to that state! Let’s keep growing in grace, in knowing Christ more deeply and in maturity.”

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