Grasping at God's Truth

POSTED ON 2009-07-29
  by Dena McMaster

Last Sunday was a big day for the Malaumanda people in Papua New Guinea.

During the morning church service they began a study in the book of Romans. Many of the Malaumandas do not have a firm grasp on Romans and are not living out the truths presented in the book.

"We want to get all of these truths cemented in their minds and then lived out in their lives so we are going to be slowly working our way through this important book," wrote missionary Eric Hedeen. "Please pray that I would effectively communicate these truths and that the reality of what Christ has done for us would sink in deep."

After the meeting the missionaries handed out copies of the book of Mark. This is the first complete book of Scriptures for the Malaumandas. Eric and Judith were excited to see the believers receiving God’s Word knowing that it has the power to affect lives and help them live in the power of God rather than the flesh.

Eric continues to translate God’s Word with the help of his Malaumanda coworkers, Josef and Popi. Josef is in the midst of preparing to get married, which in the Malaumanda culture is a long and complicated process. Popi is struggling to follow Jesus in the face of influence from other religions in the area that do not believe in salvation by faith alone. Pray for these two men to continue steadfastly translating God’s Word and learn to live by biblical principles.

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