Abau believers lead

POSTED ON 2009-07-29
  by Christina Johnson

Abau believers in Papua New Guinea are learning to handle responsibilities in the local church.

As they are stretched in their faith, a few believers are exercising their spiritual gifts in leadership.

"It was interesting to see Enlu take responsibility for the spiritual ’nourishment’ of the old guys," missionary Kelly Luyendyk wrote.

The older men cannot read and Enlu, a young Abau man, carefully read the words to songs the believers sing and explained their application.

Nayen, an Abau woman, also has a desire to teach the older women in her village.

"She has worked hard at becoming a good reader and has initiated many occasions in which she has strengthened the faith of the weak," Kelly wrote.

When the Abaus take communion, they use saksak and coconut milk in place of bread and wine. One woman, Nanso, told Kelly’s wife, Sien, she was worried that she did something wrong by not carrying her Bible with her when she went to take communion.

Nayen heard this and told Sien, "It is for these kinds of reasons that I want to teach the old women. They need to know what they believe and why."

Please pray as Abau believers work together to help nurture the faith of new believers in their village and as they take on more responsibilities in teaching and serving for God’s glory.

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