Translator on last of Pauline epistles

POSTED ON 2009-08-19
  by David Bell

Missionary Ken White has reached another milestone in translating the Kuman New Testament.

He is drafting the last of the Pauline epistles -- 2 Corinthians.

"He finds it is the most challenging book he’s translated so far," wrote Ken’s wife, Kim, "but he seems to say that each time he starts a new book."

Ken recently finished the book of Revelation and his co-worker Will Tallman will do a comprehension check -- working with Kuman co-workers to see how clearly the Scriptures speak to them -- as his schedule allows.

Will started two evangelistic outreaches in the spring and continues to teach and disciple as well as work on comprehension checking.

Will’s wife, Kelly, is teaching some of the people from the two outreaches to read and write their own language. Twenty-five students meet four afternoons each week for literacy classes.

"There is great excitement and it is fun to see adults who have never read before, or have only read very little, gain confidence and skill in reading their own language," wrote Kim.

Please pray that more Kuman people will come to believe in Christ and that they will be able to feed themselves on His Word.

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