The first praise song

POSTED ON 2009-08-27
  by David Bell

Missionaries presented the Gospel to the Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea in December 2008, and now the believers are learning to praise God with new songs.

A Patpatar man timidly strummed his guitar and sang a song he had written after missionary Aaron Luse had encouraged the people a week earlier to begin writing their own songs.

Thank you so much God for your mercy.
You sent Jesus to die for me
And to pay for all of my sins.
It is not because of my works.
It is not because of my goodness.
It is nothing that I have done.
It is nothing that we have done.
Jesus Himself has done it all
When He died for me
And when He rose again.

When he finished he told Aaron that he didn’t know if it was good or not, but he wanted to try to express what he believes in praise to God. It was the first song of praise to God from the Patpatar believers.

The Patpatar church now has more than a dozen songs that express praise to God for who He is and what He has done.

One of the most recent songs was written by Bruno, a man who is nearly blind but walks farther than anyone else to get to the meetings.

Bruno wrote:

I will praise my Saviour because He has bought me back.
I was fenced in by death in the midst of darkness.
But now I see clearly the grace and mercy of the Saviour.
Thank you so much for your great blessing.

Pray that the songs will continue to flow from the Patpatar believers as they learn more about their relationship with God.

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