'Jesus is our trail'

POSTED ON 2009-09-08
  by David Bell

Several Nakuis in Papua New Guinea who expressed interest in being baptized recently completed a series of 14 lessons that reviewed the evangelistic Bible teaching they had previously heard.

Missionaries were pleased that another Nakui believer, Suse, did a great job of heading up the class, and that Sobai taught three of the lessons and improved with each delivery.

Eight of the participants demonstrate a clear understanding of the Gospel and enthusiastically shared their testimonies.

"I have one heart about Jesus," said Imo, a 20-year-old, newly married man.

"It’s good for me to be stuck to Him. We know that on the forked tree His blood was shed. … The two of us are now together. … Jesus wants to hold me as His worker so He joins us together. God decided, ’He will be my child. When he dies I will go and get him.’ That makes me very happy."

Auwolami, a 35-year-old mother of six, said, "Jesus is our trail; our good road. He cut a trail from Heaven to here. He is the One who saves us. … If you believe in Him alone you will go to Heaven. If you don’t believe in Him you just go to the fire place."

Teenaged Taukiya stuttered and repeated himself often but gave glory to God as he testified.

"God’s help is big, not little. The spirits of this world can’t help us. God alone is powerful. I have many, many sins. From the time I was young I have sinned and sinned, but Jesus has helped me. … I now know I’m going to Heaven because Jesus has helped us. He was not an ordinary man, not a sinner. He was God’s true son.

"God sent Him to us ground people. They nailed Him, oh, His blood … oh. They took Him into the cave; then He arose and went back to His Father."

Please pray that these Nakui believers will grow in their faith and truly follow the Lord.

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