Growth in Christ, tribal style

POSTED ON 2009-12-10
  by Dena McMaster

Wusuraambyan believers in Papua New Guinea are applying their study in Romans, and others see the difference and want whatever changed them.

"Immanuel is at work in the Wusuraambya too. He is truly living not just in them but also through them." wrote missionary Andrew Goud. "[They] have heard what it means to live as one body with Christ as the Head, under the control of the Holy Spirit. They have indeed learned to respond to the Holy Spirit in their day-to-day activities.

"When people were hungry they as a group delivered food to them. When others were sick they helped with food and took time to pray with the sick. When help was needed during coffee harvest they helped pick coffee. When people were struggling through trials they came to strengthen them from the Word, sing and pray together. It’s neat to see the body of Christ working together as the Spirit leads them."

However, there have also been times of testing for the young believers. Willis and his brother Jesi and their clan were involved in a land dispute with another clan. Willis and Jesi’s clan decided to let the others have all of the land so that there would be no fight. However, the other clan refused to accept that, preferring to fight.

When a fight erupted, Willis was knocked unconscious. His first concern when he was revived was that because of the fight the others would no longer listen to God’s Word.

This is a very difficult time for Willis and Jesi. Please pray for a resolution to the land dispute so that the two men can focus on Bible teaching and translation work. Pray too for the headaches Willis has been suffering as a result of the concussion received during the fight.

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