Identifying with the early church

POSTED ON 2009-12-21
  by David Bell

As Patpatar believers in Papua New Guinea study the book of Acts they are taking note of the persecution and hardships the early church experienced.

To a lesser degree the Patpatar believers have had some recent trials of their own. False accusations, exclusion, being taken advantage of and threats have surfaced.

"We do believe that the Enemy and enemies of the true Gospel would do whatever they can to discourage and hinder God’s work among the Patpatar people," wrote Aaron and Lori Luse. "We are encouraged with many of the believers who realize what is happening and like the early church are standing firm in their faith."

Amid the trials the believers have met together for prayer and praise to God. However, there are some who have faded into the background to avoid being a target of persecution.

Please pray for the Patpatar believers to continue in the faith as they are called before a village council to deal with issues and accusations brought against them.

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