Church-planting moves ahead

POSTED ON 2010-01-05
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Wayne and Gail Chen arrived in Papua New Guinea in July and are now eager to join the Biem tribal church-planting team. They will move to the village in February and begin studying the culture and language along with Brandon and Rachel Buser and Thomas and Petra Depner.

The three couples will build relationships with the Biem people and begin preparations to teach evangelistic Bible lessons.

Brandon and Rachel were encouraged recently by the results of their language evaluation tests. Brandon tried to explain the language evaluation process by making some simple comparisons, "On a scale of 1-12 (1 = baby talk; 12 = native speaker) we need to reach a 9 before we can start teaching the Scripture in the Biem language. Rachel tested at a 4 and I tested at a 6." They are beyond "baby talk" but not quite fluent in the Biem language.

Pray for the missionaries ministering to the Biem people and pray also that God will prepare the hearts of the people to hear and understand God’s Word.

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