Hope for Heva, Joyce and Mattie

POSTED ON 2010-01-07
  by Dena McMaster

Heva, a Bena Bena man in Papua New Guinea, has "almost enough" teaching about Christ but not enough to trust Him as Savior.

Heva was recently severely injured and through a series of miraculous events was admitted to a hospital for surgery. After recovering from surgery he returned to his village and is praising God for his survival.

Joyce, his older sister, has listened to a portion of the evangelistic Bible lessons and understands that God reveals Himself to us through events in our lives and that He is a God of love who desires that we come to know His Son, Jesus. She has testified to Heva and they both give God the glory for Heva’s quick recovery.

Please pray that Heva and Joyce will have opportunities to hear the whole truth of God and what Jesus has done so that they will place their trust in Christ.

A Bena Bena woman, Mattie, has been listening to evangelistic Bible lessons but more often than not gets up and leaves in the middle of a lesson. She claims to be spiritually strengthened by a dream someone had. Even though the dream contradicts the teaching about God, she sees no distinction between the truth of God and the lies of Satan. Mattie has read through the Bible in Melanesian Pidgin, the national language of Papua New Guinea, and takes great pride in the fact that her husband divorced her because she was so enthralled with Bible reading that she wouldn’t do any work.

"The next lesson will be teaching that Jesus is the door to the sheep fold as well as John 14:6 -- ’I am the way, the truth, and the life,’ wrote missionary Rich Foster. "There are six more lessons to be taught to finish the first phase of the chronological Bible teaching at the outreach down the road. At this point, we are planning for the final lesson to be taught on January 13."

Please pray with us that this next critical lesson will penetrate the hearts of Mattie, Joyce and Heva and that when the lesson series is finished they will understand the Gospel message and trust in Christ.

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