Mandes faithful in trial

POSTED ON 2010-01-15
  by David Bell

She’s been wasting away for the past year. Her hair has fallen out. Her legs are swollen and she can hardly eat. Yet Mandes and her husband, David, believe with all their hearts that her life is in God’s hands.

Mandes has faithfully followed the Lord since January 2005 when she first told missionaries Wade and Deanne Ebersole, "I want you to know that I’ve embraced [the Gospel] just like David has. I know that it is true and that it is for me and my life too. I want what God has done for me, and I thank Him for it."

The Lavongai couple in Papua New Guinea have been able to share their faith with other Lavongais who continually ask why they refuse to use "village medicine." Trips to the nearest hospital have brought no relief.

"Their testimony has been amazing and is getting a lot of attention around here," the Ebersoles wrote.

Mandes’ family has been putting a lot of pressure on David and Mandes to get help from village shamans, but the couple continues to stand firm in trusting Christ.

"We are thrilled over this couple’s stand for the Lord," the Ebersoles wrote, "but our hearts ache as we realize how grievous it must be for them to daily face Mandes’ parents, brothers, sisters and extended family, as well as neighbors and friends, and turn down their pleas to get help from witchcraft."

Please pray for David and Mandes as their faith is being tried, and pray that other Lavongais will desire to know the One in whom their faith is placed.

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