Lizard a highlight of the first month

POSTED ON 2010-03-10
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Wayne and Gail Chen are enjoying their first month of ministry in the Biem tribe in Papua New Guinea.

Wayne made a few trips into the bush and went on a fishing trip with his Biem friends. One of his more exciting times was skinning, cooking and eating a two and a half foot lizard. He gained quite a bit of insight into the Biem culture while just "hanging out."

Wayne and Gail have started helping with medical services as a way to begin building relationships.

"While our language is still too limited to communicate the Gospel effectively," wrote Gail "we pray that the little things we do for the people would add credibility to the message we will present one day."

After a month in the tribe, Wayne and Gail are beginning to realize some of the sacrifices that parents make when their children "go off to the mission field." Wayne’s mom suffered from serious back pain, and by the time they could get through to the them by phone, she was just coming out of back surgery.

"It really hits home just how far we are from our families in times like this," Gail wrote.

While learning about the culture can lead to great experiences, learning language must include language drills and processing language data. Pray that Wayne and Gail will have clarity of mind and perseverance as they continue learning the Biem language.

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