Kumans teaching children

POSTED ON 2010-04-07
  by David Bell

"I don’t think I can do this," said elderly Aketa.

"I’m scared that I’ll make a mistake," whispered Saina.

"This isn’t just for some people," said Ruth. "This job belongs to all of us!"

When they were first asked to teach evangelistic Bible lessons to a group of more than 30 Kuman children in Papua New Guinea, all the ladies were scared and thought they couldn’t do it. But after many months, they are becoming more comfortable and are glad to be a part of teaching these children.

Aketa is an elderly woman who cannot read, but she can pray and add her comments to the lessons -- as well as help keep an eye on all the wiggly kids.

Saina is taking the Kuman literacy course. She read Bible verses for the first time in her own language to the kids and did a beautiful job. She practiced all week to be ready.

Ruth is an old pro. She was the first and only lady so far to take the lessons and teach them to some of her neighbors. She is a great asset to the teaching team.

"We have many eager ladies right now that are doing a good job with the teaching. As a result, they are also becoming more confident and grounded in God’s Word," wrote missionaries Will and Kelly Tallman.

In the Kuman culture, reading and study are not common. Illiteracy is very high and most of the people have never read anything in their own language.

"So in many ways this is very new and challenging to the Kuman Christians," the Tallmans wrote. "Even teaching and training their children is a new concept."

Please pray that the women’s enthusiasm and faithfulness will continue. Pray too that the men would be challenged to take a more active role in teaching others.

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