Samson returns to fellowship with believers

POSTED ON 2010-04-21
  by David Bell

When tragedy struck Samson’s family in 2009, the Abau believer in Papua New Guinea at first accepted it as God’s will, but then stopped meeting with other believers.

Samson became a believer in November 2008. At that time he said, "I am not with two ’thinkings’ any more. I totally believe God’s Talk is true and Jesus died in my place because of my sins."

For almost a year he met with the believers and was growing in the Lord. Then one day, while he was away from his village, his 4-year-old son, Kenny, fell from the veranda of the family house and died instantly. Kenny was buried before Samson returned home.

"It is all according to God’s plan," Samson said upon returning home. "He chose to take my child."

Yet from that time on Samson stopped coming to any of the believers’ meetings.

The Abau believers kept praying for Samson, that God would protect him from becoming bitter and from turning his back on God. And missionary Frank Tertel spoke with him several times, trying to encourage him to come have fellowship with the other believers and to let God’s Word comfort and encourage him. For months there was no response.

Last week Samson showed up for the church meeting, and during an open sharing time he stood and said, "I’m really sorry. For eight months I did not come and I turned my back on God. The death of Kenny was very hard for me. I thank God though for His Spirit, who kept working in my heart and reminding me of Him. And I also want to thank all of you here, for not giving up praying for me. I want to come back to the meetings and want to start walking with God again."

"That was so encouraging for the whole church," Frank wrote. "God answered many prayers. God is at work in each one of us. We praise Him for His faithfulness."

Please pray for Samson to stand strong in his relationship with Christ.

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