Bible teacher recovering from wound

POSTED ON 2010-05-21
  by David Bell

Heti, a Bena Bena Bible teacher in Papua New Guinea, is giving the glory to his all-powerful God for his recovery from a serious knife wound.

His recovery is astounding everyone around him and the hospital staff are seeing Heti’s situation as a miracle.

Two doctors, who often take their night duties off, were both at the hospital when Heti was brought in and said, "This is my patient. I’ll be working on him."

Joyce, a new Bena Bena believer, upon hearing the story circulating among the hospital staff, said, "Of course they came in and worked on Heti! God was directing them to do that and when God tells someone to do something they don’t have any other choice but to do what He says."

Efeke, another believer, went to the hospital the night of Heti’s surgery and spent the night praying. "God, you know that this man is one of your workmen and that we hear Your talk through this man, so please heal him."

When Heti came out of surgery, the villagers that were there took turns aspirating a device to help him breathe. For several more hours, Efeke kept praying and took her turn helping Heti to breathe. At 4 a.m. Heti’s arms and legs began to move and Efeke said that it was then she knew that God had answered her prayers.

When missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster visited Heti on Wednesday they found him quite hungry, not for physical food, but for God’s Word. They took him a digital recorder with a couple chapters of Romans in the Bena Bena language. Near the end of their visit, Rich pulled out the recorder and began to show Heti how to run it and which files had things on them.

As soon as Heti figured out how to work the recorder, he was holding it up to his ear to listen. Rich wanted to visit more, but Heti was just interested in listening to the Word. Rich thought that maybe Heti misunderstood and thought that the Fosters weren’t going to leave the recorder with him, so he told Heti again that they were planning to leave it with him. Heti just nodded and kept on listening.

"We took that as our cue to leave -- not a bit offended," the Fosters wrote. "When God’s Word trumps a visit from a good friend in the hospital, that’s something to praise the Lord for!"

Heti has expressed his thanks for the many people who are praying for him and his family. Please continue to pray for Heti’s healing and that his recovery will affect other Bena Benas to the point that they will desire to know his God.

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