Fly-away balloon

POSTED ON 2010-05-26
  by David Bell

Ten days after suffering a serious knife wound and sustaining injuries to his left lung, spleen and intestines, Heti’s release from the hospital is imminent.

The Bena Bena man in Papua New Guinea has made a remarkable recovery and continues to give God the credit.

One of the doctors had given Heti a balloon to blow up so he could exercise his left lung. During a practice session the balloon was lost as it flew across the room. The doctor was impressed with how well Heti was able to blow up the balloon. The balloon was replaced and Heti says that strength is returning to his lung and he feels no pain when he is blowing up the balloon.

On Sunday missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster and others from Heti’s village visited him. Heti shared that the doctors thought another surgery might be needed to clean out some dirt that had shown up on an x-ray. The next morning they did another x-ray before determining whether or not to do surgery and found that the dirt had vanished. Heti and his visitors gave God the credit.

Rich presented Heti with more recorded chapters of Romans. Heti was again thrilled to receive them. He has been sharing the Bena recordings with other patients, and they too have been enjoying hearing God’s Word in their own language.

Heti told Rich that he has forgiven his son who stabbed him. He asked one of his visitors to tell others in his village that he doesn’t hold any resentment toward anyone in the village.

Paying people back for wrongs done to them is such a big part of the Bena culture. Please pray that Heti’s affirmation of forgiveness will be lasting and that it will speak volumes to others in the village about the work God is doing in Heti’s life. Pray too that God will restore good relationships within his family.

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