A global approach

POSTED ON 2010-07-07
  by David Bell

What do people who grew up in Papua New Guinea, California, Romania, Germany, Taiwan and Canada have in common?

The answer would be a life in Christ and a common ministry of presenting Jesus to the Biem people in Papua New Guinea.

This diverse team of three families is now together for the first time and meeting for ministry planning sessions.

Shortly after the meetings, Brandon and Rachel Buser will return to the USA this month to begin a home assignment.

Thomas and Petra Depner, who opened the ministry along with the Busers in 2008, have just returned from a home assignment in Germany.

"It is our prayer that our team makeup would give credibility to the Gospel message we will be presenting one day," wrote Wayne and Gail Chen, who joined the team this year. The team wants to show "that our God is a global God and desires to see every nation, every tribe and every tongue worship Him."

The Chen family, who will begin house building this month, have already immersed themselves into studying the Biem culture and language and have seen several events that the people have attributed to activity in the spiritual realm.

"Oh how refreshing it will be for them to know the true Creator God one day," wrote Wayne, and to know "that God is not a distant, uncaring, inanimate thing, but a living, personal and omnipresent Father who desires to have a relationship with us!"

Please pray for the team as they continue to make relationships with the people and learn the culture and language that will enable them to clearly present the Gospel to the Biem people.

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