'I want more missionaries'

POSTED ON 2010-08-17
  by David Bell

Patpatar believers in Papua New Guinea said good-bye to one of their members last week who died from a suspected cancerous growth on his neck.

A few weeks ago, while Blais still had a strong enough voice to be heard, missionary Aaron Luse recorded his testimony. Aaron asked Blais what he wished to accomplish by telling his story.

"I want the Christians in America to know how I came to understand the Gospel so more of them will be missionaries," Blais said. "And I want my family to know my testimony so that they will also believe that Jesus died to pay for their sins so that they can be in His family like I am."

After he gave his testimony, the growth on his neck began to grow at a rapid rate and started affecting his speech, his breathing and his ability to get around.

At his last outing three weeks ago he made his way to the believers’ meeting.

"You wouldn’t have known that day that he was a man dying with little energy," Aaron wrote. "He couldn’t stand still as he lifted his hands and sang praises to God for what Jesus had done for him.

"From that time on eating became difficult and his voice disappeared. His body became frail, but every time I went to see him, despite the pain, the joy in his life seeped through his smile.

"We are praising God for his testimony and that he is in Heaven now. We are able to reflect on the many things he helped us with at our house, his salvation, the Bible lessons he helped us write, his baptism, the land he gave for the literacy building and many other things.

"Thank you to many of you who have been praying for him. Continue to pray for his family who are mostly unsaved."

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