Hamtais thank Palmers

POSTED ON 2010-08-23
  by Dena McMaster

Next week missionary Tom Palmer will teach a workshop for Hamtai church leaders in Papua New Guinea. Tom and his wife, Corinne, have ministered among the Hamtai people for almost 60 years.

They are now working on the revision of the Hamtai New Testament Recently nine churches in one area asked Tom and Corrine to spend a weekend with them. Local church leaders asked Tom to teach about Jesus’ final teaching before He ascended to Heaven.

"Also they wanted Tom to bring a TV and show them some video of the earlier years of the work," wrote Corinne. "However, their main purpose for our coming was to ’farewell’ us. They put on several dramas and in various ways expressed their thankfulness to us for the years we spent in their tribe sharing the Gospel with them."

During that time, Corinne was approached by several Hamtai women who were convicted by Tom’s teaching from John 13. They said they did not sincerely love their husbands.

"They wanted me to give them some ’steer talk’ on how they could love their husbands," Corinne wrote. "As we were asking the leader for a time when we could meet, he suggested we meet with all the women and at the same time Tom could meet with all the men."

The Palmers felt that their time teaching the Hamtais was profitable. They are now making plans to return to the USA for the printing of the revised Hamtai New Testament.

"Monday, Aug. 9, I turned 81," Corinne wrote. Pray for the Palmers as they continue to teach, translate and minister among the Hamtais. Pray also for a safe trip home and the printing of the New Testament.

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