Bo'wol's actions a testimony

POSTED ON 2010-08-26
  by Dena McMaster

When Bo’wol, a Simbari believer in Papua New Guinea, did not respond to his wife’s angry blows, it began a series of events that led to his son’s salvation.

A thief from another village stole food from Bo’wol’s garden. He decided to respond with grace, hoping that the man would see the difference Christ had made in his life.

This made his wife very angry and she began to rain blows down on his head. Bo’wol did not retaliate in any way. Instead he thought of the pain Jesus had endured on his behalf. The news about this incident began to circulate throughout the village and people were astounded. "He didn’t hit her back," they said.

Because of Bo’wol’s response, his oldest son, who had resisted God for years, was open to listening to the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Savior. Then his son’s wife, Rindilav, trusted in Christ.

Missionary Lori Morley was delighted to return to the village and hear about Bo’wol’s family.

"Imagine my excitement when I was able to return and greet Rindilav, my former [literacy] student, as a sister in Christ," she wrote. "As I see the Simbari believers’ excitement about the things that they are learning from God’s Word and the way that they are applying them to their lives, it is a challenge to me in my own walk with God. Right now the believers are being taught through the book of Romans and are in chapter eight."

Pray for Bo’wol and the other Simbaris who are learning and applying the principles in Romans to their lives. Pray for Lori as she ministers there.

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