Aziana, Simbari believers celebrate

POSTED ON 2010-09-09
  by Dena McMaster

Last week a group of Simbari believers in Papua New Guinea hiked for two days in order to attend a Bible conference held by Aziana believers. It was a time of sharing, learning and worshipping.

But the Simbaris thought that the best part of the conference was seeing God’s wondrous provision for them.
"They were full of praise to the Lord for how He had watched over them and provided for them," wrote missionary Lori Morley.

They were delighted to relate to Lori all the miracles God had done for them. There hadn’t been any rain in the area for quite some time and as they hiked up the mountain and headed down the other side, those in front of the line kicked up dust and those in back choked on it. But God first brought clouds to shade them and then a huge, refreshing downpour.

The believers thought they were going to have to sleep in the jungle without shelter. But God provided a woman in a nearby village who offered a big house for them all to sleep and cook in.

One of the ladies said, "This woman didn’t know us but God knew us and He gave us this house."

The following day they completed the hike to the Aziana village and God provided another rain. The Azianas told them they had not had any rain for four months and were trying to figure a way to pipe water in for the large group attending the conference. But once again God provided their need.

"You brought the rain with you," said the Aziana believers. "It is a miracle."

When two Simbari men became very ill, God provided a young Simbari man who had recently completed his medical training and was working in the Aziana tribe. He gave them medicine and they were able to gain enough strength for the arduous hike home.

"It was evident that God was going behind and before them every step of the way and they are thankful to everyone who prayed," wrote Lori.

Praise God with us for God’s mercy toward the Aziana and Simbari believers.

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