Persistence pays off for eternity

POSTED ON 2010-09-22
  by Dena McMaster

Meu, a Gimi man in Papua New Guinea, had some encouraging words for missionaries John and Lynne White.

John had to leave the tribal village for an operation. A missionary friend called so that Meu and Irma could talk with him.

Meu told John: "Don’t let your stomachs be worried. You may be thinking that we are not obeying the Lord and doing His will. But we are. The Lord is working in us and through us. You brought us the Word of God. It was not your word, but God’s Word, and so it is working in us and through us. So let your stomachs be light."

The elders from approximately 15 local churches meet together from time to time. Two men are chosen to speak and they share their burdens, challenges and blessings. They also pray together.

Meu said that the elders would like John and his wife, Lynne, to come back to give them additional training so that they might lead the churches more effectively.

"A few months ago Meu’s believing father Abakena died," John wrote. "I reminded him that his Dad had lived a long life (by local standards) -- a long way into his 70s. Praise the Lord for those missionaries who preceded us, and for a few short years, taught them and saw Abakena get saved and taught him how to discipline his children. Look how that has paid off!"

Pray for John to heal completely and be able to return to his ministry among the Gimi people. Pray also for the Gimi elders as they shepherd the churches there.

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