Does it have to end?

POSTED ON 2010-10-08
  by David Bell

"Oh no, September is finished. This isn’t good," a Patpatar literacy student said last week when he realized that two months of the four-month course was gone.

"It means the school for reading and writing is going to finish quickly. It would be good if we could just keep doing more and more school."

This Patpatar student, one of the most educated in the class, cannot get enough school. Every morning, he and the other students show up early to wait for the literacy class to begin, contrary to their culture and lifestyle.

Though the rhythmic reiteration of syllables can be on the side of boring, the students continue to come and be taught. Nine students are also being trained as teacher trainees who will be doing most of the teaching in future classes.

"We look forward to how God is going to use His Word in the lives of those who will be able to read it for themselves," wrote Aaron Luse. "We are already excited about doors the literacy school is opening up and the fact that two of the students who had never come to hear the teaching from God’s Word have been coming."

The Patpatar believers are also halfway through their study of the book of Romans.

"We began chapter eight this last week," Aaron wrote. "I caught one of the men that afternoon sitting and talking to himself."

"It is good … good … it is nice … good," he mumbled.

Taking the liberty to interrupt the man’s one-way conversation, Aaron asked him what was good. "The lesson from God’s Word," he replied. "It is really, really good."

"Another believer told me how much he is now realizing the impact of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and his identity with Him," wrote Aaron.

"It is not me. It is not my work. It is all and only God and my sitting down in Him."

Please continue to pray for these Patpatar believers as they study God’s Word and learn to read it for themselves. Pray too that they will have a strong witness among those who have not yet put their trust in Christ.

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