Bena Benas get their opportunity

POSTED ON 2010-11-15
  by Ian Fallis

Today, some Bena Bena people will have the opportunity they have been awaiting for months.

At Heva’s house in a Bena Bena village in Papua New Guinea, missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster and Bena Bena teachers Heti and Kokore have been presenting evangelistic Bible lessons. These lessons move through key events -- and themes -- from Creation to Christ.

Last week the Bena Benas heard about Jesus’ death, then about His burial, resurrection and ascension. Today the lesson re-examines the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection and the need for an individual response.

Among those who have been listening are Johnson and his wife Julie; Heva and his wife Junais; Unepa; and Tako and his wife.

"We are excited to see the major growth in understanding of these ones who are coming faithfully," wrote Rich and Dawn, "and we are looking forward to seeing that those who understand take the next step as they hear how Christ took their place on the cross."

"Please pray especially for the ones who have been coming sporadically or those who are still holding out some hope that they can do something to please God and earn His favor."

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