Jesus paid for me

POSTED ON 2010-11-29
  by Dena McMaster

Five new Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea are giving testimony to the difference Jesus has made in their lives.

Praise God with us for these new believers and their courage as they boldly witness to their new faith and the life-changing decisions they have made.

"I used to think about earthly stuff all the time -- my garden, girls, fighting." said Heva, a young married man. "But now all I can think about is rejoicing in God. He is changing me as I listen to His Talk."

Junais, Heva’s wife, has also trusted in Christ as her Savior. She testified, "God provided a substitute sheep for Isaac who died in Isaac’s place, and now He has done the same for me …. "Jesus is my substitute sheep that took my place so I didn’t have to die."

Jonson, Heva’s father also clearly understood the Gospel. He showed the group that he knows what Jesus has done for him. "I have heard some of this teaching before, but now this time it is so very clear. I’m a sinner and deserve to die for those sins, but God sent Jesus to pay for them instead of me."

Siyo and Sefe are an older married couple from another Bena Bena village who were living in the area where missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster minister and were able to hear the evangelistic Bible lessons. They too placed their faith in Christ.

"Long ago Adam and Eve sinned and God removed them from Himself," said Sefe. "All of us are now sinners and are outside of God’s fence. But then God sent Jesus to die on the cross to pay for sin, and now I am in God’s family because I believe what Jesus did for me. I am so thankful to be able to hear this talk, and now I know that I am in God’s family … Jesus paid for me."

Pray that the new Bena Bena believers will continue to grow in their knowledge of the Lord. Pray also for Rich and Dawn as they disciple the group.

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