New believers learn, rejoice

POSTED ON 2010-12-30
  by Dena McMaster

Last week five new Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea celebrated the birth of their Savior for the first time and had some words of wisdom for us all.

Sunday they held a Mumu, a festive meal of pork and vegetables roasted in a big hole in the ground. Missionaries Rich and Dawn Foster attended the celebration also.

"The new believers continue to be very excited to hear the truths of God’s Word during their morning teaching sessions," wrote Dawn, "as well as joining the Romans teaching on Sundays. It is thrilling to hear and see their understanding continue to expand as they make good choices to place themselves under the teaching of God’s Word."

As they immerse themselves in God’s Word they bring joy to the missionaries and other believers.

Heva said, "When I keep hearing the teaching, my thinking will be so full of God’s Word that my head is just going to be huge!"

At the end of the meeting, Kokore, a Bena Bena Bible teacher stood and explained, "Each person has a choice to make. I can’t choose to follow Christ for anyone else -- they have to choose for themselves. And just as the Israelites had to walk through the Red Sea to enter the promises of God, so we have to come to God through the blood of Christ. When we believe in what Christ did for us on the cross, God makes us His children. Just as the Israelites were in the Red Sea, so we are now in Christ."

After hearing the teaching about our secure salvation -- that just as Noah received the promise of the rainbow -- the Cross is a reminder to us of the promise that nothing can separate us from God.

Then Heva said: "When you know that, you just can’t do anything but rejoice."

Michael, a young Bena Bena man, has been asking questions and has expressed a desire to hear the evangelistic Bible lessons. Rich and some Bena Bena Bible teachers are planning to begin a new outreach in January.

Pray for Rich as starting the new outreach will mean he is teaching or attending lessons seven days each week. Pray that God will open Michael’s heart to understand the evangelistic lessons and trust in Christ.

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