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POSTED ON 2011-01-26
  by Dena McMaster

Ken’s desire to serve the Lord began when he was a young boy in a Hewa village in Papua New Guinea.
Missionary Jonathan Kopf tried hard to befriend the young boy but Ken’s response was minimal until he listened to evangelistic Bible lessons.

"One afternoon he came to me with a determined flash in his eyes and plopped himself down on the dirt close to where I was sitting," wrote Jonathan. "With no warning and with his head down he began to speak, barely above a whisper. He recited the day’s Bible lesson, glancing up to me from time to time to see if I was still listening.

After several minutes, he finished his simple and very beautiful rendition of the story and then looked up with a shy smile. ’Did I say it right?’ he asked, ’Did I forget something?’ I couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm for the Word. ’That was fantastic’, I answered. ’You told the story perfectly, and I’m so glad you came to talk with me.’"

Ken continued to grow in stature and in the Lord. He was soon accompanying his older cousin Yanis when he taught evangelistic Bible lessons in other Hewa villages. While Yanis taught, Ken became the evangelistic assistant and his passion for Christ grew as he helped bring the Gospel message to his people.

Recently Ken began his first solo class. He left his cousin Yanis teaching and discipling the new believers and went to another village to teach literacy classes.

"There are now 20 people in the village that can read," Ken reported.

Then some Hewas visited Jonathan to get copies of the Scriptures translated into the Hewa language. They told Jonathan how excited they were that Ken would soon be teaching them the message from the Bible soon.

Pray for boldness for Ken, and that those who hear God’s Word will understand and trust Christ.

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