All the lessons are important

POSTED ON 2011-01-31
  by Dena McMaster

Tobo Bible teachers, Ambox and Welsin, did a short drama to demonstrate the importance of hearing all of the evangelistic Bible lessons and not missing any part of the message God has for the Tobo people in Papua New Guinea.

After the demonstration missionary Jason Williamson stood and said, "This talk is so important to all of us it surpasses all other talks and all other work. If you don’t come all the time to hear this talk -- if you miss the beginning of the talk and only come in the middle to one part of it -- it will not do the work in your thinking and in your life like God wants it to and you will be confused.

"It’s like the crazy man in the drama who tried to cut the firewood with only one piece of the ax. It didn’t work. He needed the whole ax for it to do its right work. If you come over and over again to learn God’s Talk and join all the parts from the beginning to the end then you can understand the meaning of God’s big talk for us."

Unex, who helped Jason learn the Tobo language, listened intently to Jason along with the others from his village who had gathered to hear the teaching.

Each morning as Jason and the Tobo Bible teachers get ready to travel to the meetings, several believers come together to pray with them and to come along to help with evangelistic Bible lessons.

Pray that as the Body of Christ draws together to encourage and help one another that those who are listening to the teaching will be faithful in coming and will hear the whole message that God has for them.

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