'You are strong'

POSTED ON 2011-02-08
  by David Bell

The tune is familiar worldwide, but the language and words being sung are not known outside of Simbari villages in Papua New Guinea.

"Father, when I see the things you’ve made I understand more about you. When I hear the thunder I say of You, ’You are strong.’"

The Simbari believers love to sing these words to the tune of "How Great Thou Art."

Last week, as they worshipped the Lord in song, several also gave testimonies of how the Lord had been showing Himself to them in recent days.

Jolambiya, an elderly, emaciated woman, shared in a choked voice, with tears streaming down her face, how she had almost died last week from a serious illness, but God spared her life and she wanted to give Him the glory. By God’s grace she had managed to get herself out of bed and walk to church to meet with her brothers and sisters for the time of worship.

Rison thanked the Lord for healing him from a sickness he has had for a couple of weeks that left him feeling very weak. He said he was lying in his house during a thunderstorm, listening to the continuous sound of thunder and he thought about God revealing His presence and power to the Israelites through the lightning and thunder on Mount Sinai. He sensed God speaking to his heart and reassuring him of His presence and His power to heal him.

Barry, a teenage boy, praised God for the opportunity he had during the week to share the Gospel with a group of young men at another village. He told us that the young men were very eager to hear what he had to say and he will be hiking there again to share more with them.

A young couple, Raymond and Ellen, and their family were recovering from sickness and just getting their strength back by the time Sunday rolled around. In spite of that the two made the difficult hike over to the sister church in another village about an hour away so that Raymond could teach the Bible lesson from Romans to a small group of believers.

The Simbari believers will study Ephesians after they finish Romans.

One of the believers recently shared that "God’s Word is our food and it’s delicious like the oil and salt we use to flavor our vegetables."

"Thank you so much for your prayers for our family and the Simbari church," wrote missionaries David and Shari Ogg. "God is continuing to do great things in the lives of the people here."

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