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POSTED ON 2011-02-09
  by Dena McMaster

For the first time, Unex said, what he’s hearing is clear.

Missionary Jason Williamson and several Tobo Bible teachers are sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with a group of Tobos.

"The first week we taught on how God’s big story has now come to the Tobo people," wrote Jason, "how it started when God’s prophets wrote down His Word and now after all these years it has finally come to the Tobos in their own language. We also started off by teaching Who God is, His characteristics, His holy nature, and His unparalleled self-existing power."

Last week Jason and the Tobo Bible teachers taught about God’s command to Adam not to eat of the tree in the center of the Garden. They taught that if Adam did eat from the tree, he would be cut off from his Friend and Creator and would receive the payment for breaking God’s law -- death.

After the meeting, Jason asked if there were any questions. Unex, who had helped Jason learn the Tobo language and had listened to all of the lessons being prepared, said in front of everyone "I don’t have any questions for you because this talk has now, for the first time in my life, become clear in my insides and I’m understanding it. Before, other religions and people would say this and that and I couldn’t understand it and didn’t know who to believe. But this teaching is clear and I’m happy to come and sit and be a learner of this big true talk."

Pray for safety and health for Jason and the Tobo Bible teachers as they hike 25 minutes each morning to teach the small family of Tobos who want to hear God’s Word. Pray also for Unex. Though he’s heard much of the teaching before, for the first time it is penetrating his heart. Pray that over the next lessons his understanding of God’s Gospel message will grow.

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