‘Meat’ for the church

POSTED ON 2011-03-30
  by Ian Fallis

The Malaumanda church is studying Acts and will move into the Epistles soon.

Malaumanda believers are studying Acts and will soon move into Ephesians.

“This has been very profitable,” Eric Hedeen wrote. “The later portions of Acts is full of God's faithfulness and Paul's tenacity to finish the job that God gave him. Again and again we seem to focus on Paul's single-minded devotion to God, which is a challenge for all of us.”

This summer the church will start through Ephesians. Eric’s co-worker, Bob Kennell, is translating Ephesians, and Eric plans to begin working on lessons soon. “The book of Ephesians is rich in both positional and practical truth,” Eric wrote. “This is exactly the sort of 'meat' that this church needs and we are looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses it in the believers lives.”

Toward the end of the year Bob and Eric along with another co-worker, John Hutteman, plan to teach 1 Corinthians, and in the beginning of next year, 1 Timothy.

“As you can imagine these are challenging goals for us as individuals and as a team but as we look at the needs of the church we know that their maturity and growth demand spiritual food,” Eric wrote.

Eric is also translating Romans 4-16, and knows it will be a challenge to balance translating and lesson writing, along with discipling believers and helping his wife, Judith, with their family. Pray that God gives him wisdom and direction.

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