Tobos encourage believer

POSTED ON 2011-04-01
  by Dena McMaster

This week missionary Jason Williamson taught a Bible lesson based on Romans 8:12-17 to Tobo believers in Papua New Guinea.

The believers took to heart the teaching on security in Christ and how God uses their suffering for their good and His glory.

After the meeting Jason mentioned the trials of a Tobo Bible teacher, Welsin. His wife recently injured her hand with an ax and it has not responded to treatment thus far. The infection has spread up her arm and into the chest area and she is in severe pain.

Welsin has not been able to help with the teaching in another village because he is needed to provide food and firewood for his wife and six children.

Recently Welsin dislocated his shoulder and it did not heal properly making it very difficult to cut wood and gather food from the garden. Jason asked the believers to pray for Welsin and to encourage him in this difficult time.

 “It was such an encouragement to see the believers that came to encourage them,” wrote Jason. “Several hiked up to see them and pray with them as well as to give Welsin's wife some food, firewood and medicine.”

Pray for Welsin’s wife to heal quickly and that Welsin will be able to help with the Bible teaching. Pray also that the Tobo church will continue to help and encourage the family and demonstrate God’s love to others in the village.

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