‘An empty tradition’

POSTED ON 2011-04-28
  by Dena McMaster

Welsin and Daisa, two faithful Tobo believers, talked with missionary Jason Williamson about whether or not to meet on Good Friday.

Traditionally Tobos have met on that day to pray for their gardens to prosper and to show respect for Jesus.

“As we considered the empty tradition, and the ramifications of holding to that if we met on Friday with the believers, … we decided that we would not meet in order to be an example to the rest of the unbelieving community and to show that the beliefs we hold are different than theirs,” wrote Jason’s wife, Nisae.

However, on Friday morning most of the believers showed up anyway. The wife of Unex, one of the men Jason has been teaching, came along also. Jason explained to everyone again that they were not meeting and why, but the believers disregarded Jason and Nisae and went up to Welsin’s house to meet. 

“I desperately explained to Unex’s wife why it was not important to meet, and that following the Law and the Tobo traditions did nothing to save us,” wrote Nisae. “I encouraged her not to follow the rest up to meet, but to stay with me and talk about what she’s been learning throughout the teaching. She did so, and during our conversations, she mentioned that her husband, Unex, thought it was a waste of time to come to [the meeting] this morning.”

 “I’m staying home,” Unex told her, “because going to [this meeting] will not save me. Jesus already has saved me and I believe in Him, so I’m staying home. Why do you feel like you need to go?”   

She responded to him in a disrespectful manner and was disgusted that he was not going to the meeting with everyone else.

Nisae explained that Unex understood God’s Word and knew that believing in Him is what’s important and not the things we do. Unex’s wife listened carefully to what Nisae had to say but did not respond.

Praise God for Unex’s testimony of faith in Jesus. Pray for the other believers, some who do not understand clearly that belief in Jesus is more than empty ritual, and some who need to realize that their freedom in Christ needs to be set aside so that they might be a testimony to those who do not understand.

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