A closed door opens

POSTED ON 2011-05-06
  by Dena McMaster

Heti, a Bena Bena Bible teacher, is excited to teach evangelistic Bible lessons in a village that once soundly rejected the Gospel message.

Five years ago the villagers rejected the Gospel but now several are asking questions about what they’ve seen and heard in other lives. A young Bena Bena man, Michael, is interested in hearing the teaching and has convinced his family to listen also.

Heti hikes down to the village three times a week.  Kokore has also been going down to help in whatever way he can – reading Scripture, hanging pictures and visiting with people. Jonson and Heva also go along to help whenever they are able.

When the teaching began, they were meeting twice a week, but Michael asked if it would be possible to hear the teaching three times a week. What an encouragement that was to missionary Rich Foster and to the Bena Benas who are taking part in the teaching.

“I thank God every day that you and Heti are coming down here to teach us,” Michael said to Rich. “Don’t think that you’re wasting your time. This teaching is stuff I’ve never been taught before. … the deep meaning of the Bible.” 

Pray that the Bena Benas who are teaching evangelistic Bible lessons will be clear and accurate in their presentation of the lessons. Pray also that Michael and his family will continue to listen to the lessons and understand the Gospel message when it is presented.

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