Belief costs Kotme

POSTED ON 2011-05-20
  by David Bell

Kotme was recently kicked out of her garden group. Her crime: being a believer.

Akolet women in Papua New Guinea arrange themselves into small groups of gardening “co-ops” – friends, neighbors or relatives who get together to share their garden work.

The women in Kotme’s group have been antagonistic toward the Gospel and Kotme was the only believer in the group.

It was hurtful for Kotme from a friendship perspective, but it has also made things difficult since she can’t garden and taro planting is in full swing.

Seeing her difficulty, other believers got together and told Kotme, “Don’t worry, Kotme. We’ll all get together and plant your taro for you.”

“And that is just what they did,” wrote missionary Julie Martin. “Even with their own gardens and their own garden groups to tend to. Praise God that these baby believers are growing and learning to take care of each other like this.” 

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