‘Bible quiz’ persecution?

POSTED ON 2011-06-27
  by David Bell

Persecution comes in different forms, and the Akolet believers recently heard of a threat that has caused missionaries to chuckle.

The most recent threat: The police will be called to officiate a “Bible quiz.” Akolets who are well-versed in another religion will stand on one side while believers will stand on the other side. Bible questions will be asked and each group will answer. If the believers answer wrongly, the police will slap them on both cheeks.

“As funny as that sounds, put yourselves in their shoes and it does sound a little unsettling,” wrote missionaries Adam and Julie Martin.  “We're all fairly certain that the others are just blowing off steam … but please pray that [the believers will have] courage in the face of these threats, and humility in their interactions with the unbelievers.”

The missionary team is meeting with the believers three times a week to study the book of Acts.

“We as a team need wisdom as we disciple all of these believers,” the Martins wrote. “Every day is a new challenge to figure out where they're at, how they're understanding the truths taught in the lessons, and to know how to bring them along and encourage and strengthen them in their faith.” 

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