A Revelation for Paska

POSTED ON 2011-07-01
  by Dena McMaster

Paska will be the first Tigak man to read Revelation in his own language.

Missionary Ned Beall has been working for several months on translating the book of Revelation into Tigak in Papua New Guinea. A missionary experienced in translation is coming to check the translation for accuracy. For an effective check a natural Tigak speaker is needed and Paska has agreed to fill that role.

A local religious group has forbidden the Tigaks to read any of Revelation because they say it cannot be understood. Now the Tigaks will have the book in their own language and can study it for themselves.

The experienced translation checker will also check the books of Philippians and Philemon. When these three books are approved, nearly 50 percent of the Tigak New Testament will be completed.

Missionary Aimee Hedrick wrote, “Please pray for the [translation] check. Pray also for Paska to be able to focus and relax during the check.”

Pray for Ned to grow into an even better translator through this process and for the Tigak New Testament to clearly communicate God’s Word. Pray that the translated Scriptures will be faithful to the original text and be used to teach and grow Tigak believers and draw unbelievers unto salvation.

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