A new thing: Family story time

POSTED ON 2011-07-08
  by David Bell

As Aaron Luse walked the trail from the Patpatar village to his home one evening last week, a small beam of light caught his eye.

In the encroaching darkness he saw the silhouette of a man sitting in the dirt, bent over a book. Then he noticed that the man was not alone. Three small children knelt before the man, each with a finger pointing to the details of the picture on the page that was opened before them.

The man also had an extended finger on the book, but his was slowly moving from word to word as he sounded out the story.

The young father had the attention of his children as he stumbled through a simple primer as if it was the latest mystery being read by a professional narrator. Bulu is not known for engaging with his family and interacting with them, yet on this night the family was gathered around a book that lay on the ground. A month prior, Bulu was illiterate, but now is starting to be able to read.

Lori Luse is now supervising the second literacy class among the Patpatars, helping the Patpatar teachers who are now in charge of the class to fine-tune their skills.

“Our ultimate goal is to equip them to be able to read God’s Word so they can not only read stories as a family, but more importantly God's story,” Aaron wrote.

Aaron is currently leading the believers through a study of Ephesians.

“We are about to embark on what the Bible teaches about family relationships,” Aaron wrote. "This is a huge need among the Patpatars and we are excited to see what God will do."

Please pray that Patpatar families will truly become united in Christ and become truly immersed in His Word. 

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