Pig problem parried

POSTED ON 2011-07-11
  by Dena McMaster

Siawi believers in Papua New Guinea had a pig problem and decided to sit down with the caretaker of the pigs and discuss how to solve the problem.

Pigs had been on the grass airstrip exploring for food and the believers worried that the strip would be damaged by their rooting, and knew they could be a peril to a plane landing on the strip.

 The caretaker is a man with a violent temper who has been known to burst into a rage, spewing threats and curses throughout the village. He was determined that no one would stop him from doing as he pleased and woe to those who tried to interfere.

Missionaries Dave and Robyn Parry have been living in the Siawi village as part of their on-field orientation. A number of exciting events have given them experience in tribal living but they were not looking forward to learning how to deal with a man in a full-blown rage and all the consequences created by that.

Missionary Linda Krieg contemplated the necessity of leaving the village for a short period if the threat of rage did not abate. This would interrupt her work on translating the Scriptures into the Siawi language.

“With God-given wisdom,” Linda wrote, “the four Siawi Bible Church elders called together some key men to sit down with them, with [the man], to discuss the problem his pigs were causing by being on the grass airstrip constantly. They chose their time wisely, the evening of the big pig-kill party, when everyone's belly was full of food and all were in a good mood.”

There was great rejoicing among missionaries and believers alike when the elders reported that the caretaker had agreed to move away from the airstrip and back to his bush camp with the pigs.

Pray for the Parrys as they finish this phase of on-field orientation and look forward to their future ministry. Pray also for Linda as she continues to translate the Scriptures. Praise God for the wise Siawi elders who faced the village problem head-on and reached a good solution.

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