New Malaumanda believers

POSTED ON 2011-07-13
  by Dena McMaster

Last week 21 Malaumandas in Papua New Guinea gave a clear profession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Malaumanda missionary team began teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to those who had not clearly understood the Gospel message along with 12 young children. As the death, burial and resurrection of Christ were presented, the 12 children and nine others testified of their faith in Christ who died for them.

“Please pray for these new young believers as we look to see them grow in their understanding of the grace of God, all that has been made available to them through Christ,” wrote missionary to the Malaumandas John Hutteman.

While the evangelistic Bible lessons were being taught, missionary Eric Hedeen and his Malaumanda co-worker, Josefe, spent their afternoons teaching Josefe’s wife, Japena. At the culmination of the teaching the believers presented a dramatization of the death, burial and resurrection. When Japena witnessed the drama she too put her faith in Christ.

Josefe and Japena are making a trip to visit her parents in a remote village. Both parents are unsaved and her mother is in poor health. Pray with us that even though Japena is a new believer she will have boldness to share her faith with her parents.

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